Karma Connectt is a Holistic Science Therapy and Training Centre led by Bharati Sood.

She is a certified Master Hypnotist, PLRT, LBL from CHI – USA, Reiki Grandmaster, Tarot Master, Numerologist, Vaastu Consultant, Graphologist, Life Coach and Counsellor, Body Language and Faces Reading expert, NLP Practitioner and an Astrologer and a Gemmologist.

It is based in Navi Mumbai which connects you with your karma and helps you prepare for a better life by enhancing your spiritual growth and healing on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

Good health is not restricted to physical health alone, it involves a sound and balanced state of emotional, mental and spiritual awareness.

We at Karma Connectt practise a wide range of modalities and offer customised solutions as per individual requirement.

Clinical Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Life between Lives, Family Constellations are the areas which help us work deeply on a grassroots level and bring a major shift in a person’s life.

We also help in anticipating your future events with Tarot card reading, Runes or get a detailed horoscope with remedies from Astrology, Numerology and Nakshatra Oracle. Gemstones, Rudraksha and crystals recommendations are very helpful in achieving the desired results.

On a subconscious level and for Self-improvement, Graphology, Signature Analysis, Graphotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming works efficiently.

Body Language and Face Reading is an essential part of knowing and understanding people around us.

We undertake and try to contribute too many social causes such as workshop for children and adults to deal with depression, stress management and Goal setting etc. Counselling and Life coaching are also an important of our work.

Healing energies in the form of Reiki and Switch words contribute to a better health and sound state of mind.

Energies have an immense effect on us and our surroundings as well as vice versa.

To use it an optimum way , Vaastu is the science which holds decoding the energies at various levels and bring harmony , peace and progress in our lives and our home by using the right placement and use of space.

Sharing is caring, and sharing knowledge is an extremely important part of our lives. We love to share our expertise and train people on various modules which includes certification and promotes self-employment opportunities as well.

Our training modules are specially designed to individual needs and classes are conducted throughout the year in one to one or in a group.

Karma Connectt offers a whole lot of services listed below that are helpful to enhance your future and lead a life full of bliss and happiness.

Karma Connect also offers online services and training (for individual interested in holistic healing science therapy)