“Like gravity, Karma is so basic that we don’t even notice it” – Buddha quotes on karma.

Karma in layman terms means “it works on the spiritual principle of cause and effect (Karma as per Wiki)”.

Karma is the cycle of death and rebirth. It is the nature’s law where one benefits with good karma and pays for bad karma.

Karma Connectt is a Holistic Science Therapy Center based in Navi Mumbai which connects you with your karma and helps you prepare for a better life by anticipating your future events with Tarot card reading or get a detailed horoscope with Astrology.

Get to know the role you played in your past life with past life regression service and get a detailed report based on your nakshatra

Karma Connectt a holistic healing center offers accurate predictions and a whole lot of other services that are helpful to enhance your future and lead a life full of bliss and happiness.



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Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a hypnosis technique which takes you through an exciting  journey of multiple past lives.

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Clinical hypnotherapy is a procedure that helps you get over anxiety, phobias, fear and bad dreams

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Graphology is a technique to decipher the personality traits and behaviour of an individual through handwriting analysis

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Receive accurate interpretations as per your ascendant and natal charts which are calculated from your date, time, place of birth

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Tarot Reading

Get straightforward answers from the populat tarot reading. Just focus on your question and choose your cards

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Understand the importance of numbers in your life. Find the course of your life and birth through numerology

Life Changing Advice

Looking for an opportunity? want to know the outcome? be prepared for the future.

Certified Instructor

Get accurate readings and predictions from our certified practicing instructor.


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