Once you have achieved an inordinate milestone is your education, the next and most significant question in life is “What next”? “What do you want to become”?

While you may have had a lot of aspirations, dreams, and ambitions career development is a long and vital process. This process is influenced by a number of factors like your interest, likes and dislikes, abilities, skills, background, and financial condition. It is then you can consider career counseling for a better understanding of your life roadmap.

While choices may be many, sometimes it is difficult to choose the best. Initiating career counseling from the initial days, once you have passed 10th or 12th can support you to take important career, educational or even life decisions. The counselor will understand your passion and provide you with the best-suited career advice.

In the competitive scenario, getting a job (especially the one you like, maybe your dream job) is just not simple. You need a good educational background with extra activities and courses included in your portfolio that determine your skills. Thus, to be the right fit for your dream job, you need to acquire the required proficiencies from the very beginning. A career counselor helps you pick and choose the right educational courses, professional courses, or even suggest classes that maybe required to shape the best career.

A career counselor would help you understand your capabilities, sort out your thoughts and provide feedback with the best suitable option. They would help you realize your strengths and weaknesses. A counselor would also conduct an aptitude test or a personality test that again would help you to know your traits better.

A career counselor, thus, analyses every aspect crucial in taking decisions. They so not just build a roadmap but also plan and provide your present and future roadmap. They help you to define the steps that would assist and support you in achieving your goals.

A career counselor can be your strategic partner and friend for all decision making. As situations in life can change, your graph of life changes accordingly. Hence, your career counselor would guide you in every phase of life. They are your friend not just for the present but also who help you in shaping your future in the best way possible.

Bharati Sood is an experienced career counselor based in Navi Mumbai certified from UCLA

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