Past life regression therapy is a holistic therapy that works with the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is based on the principles of cause and effect (karma) and the theory that your reactions and the way you respond to problems are based in the past. With a skilled therapist, one can be guided back to a time before birth in this lifetime to discover the root causes of problems one may be experiencing in the present and heal them.

Past life regression therapy can speed up the healing process as one understands and feels on a much deeper level the source of one’s problems. Past life regression therapy can transform life! It will help an individual develop his full potential, unlock hidden talents, and create more compassion and love for oneself and others. It can reveal your life purpose and reason for incarnating, and help one to overcome the fear of death.

After a past life regression session, many people report feeling a greater sense of inner peace, love and self-acceptance when they understand that they have chosen their life circumstances and the lessons that they need to learn.

Past life regression therapy supersedes other therapies in its more profound perspective on the meaning of life. It transcends religious dogma and is beneficial regardless of your religion or spiritual beliefs. One does not have to believe in reincarnation to receive healing from this amazing technique.