Gemstones have a special significance in Vedic astrology; Gemstone therapy is used from ages to liberate the problems cussed by planets.

In the days before only the kings and people with higher financial levels used to wear gemstones recommended by Astrologers, but now a day’s knowledge of gemstone is easily accessible to everyone.

Gemstones therapy or wearing gemstones for planetary relief is growing rapidly.

The people who are wearing these gems are benefiting from them in every area of life even if progress in Business, education, illness, acting etc.

Nowadays every person right from the Bollywood to industrialist is taking advantage of gemstone therapy.

Natural gemstones can give the desired benefits and according to Vedic astrology, our 9 planets represent the 9 special gemstones.

The rationale behind the use of the power of gemstones is to avert the bad effects of planets and to augment the good effects is dependent on the colors and vibrations of the various planets.

The color of each planet is reflected on the human body through gems which absorb the rays and vibrations of the planet which would, in turn, influence the person wearing the gem.

Here in fact Gems act like a receiver, receiving the colors and vibrations from the planets (transmitters). That is gemstones attract and condense the astral energy waves and transform them for the use of the human energy system, like a crystal used in radio receivers to transfer invisible radio waves into sound.