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Modern understanding of astrology

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Modern understanding of astrology

Astrology could be a confusing domain to comprehend, especially for the people who have less understanding of constellations, elements of the universe, the zodiac signs, and personality traits and their interdependency.

In fact, astrologers who aren’t well-trained can be confused about the elements and their effects on personality traits. For an individual, astrology plays a major role that gives a clear picture of what the future holds.

Understanding astrology requires a good interest in different aspects of stars. Thanks to the internet where one can learn about astrology and sun signs.

This article aims to resolve the misconception and take a modern approach to understand the traditional elements of the universe in a simpler way.

Elements of earth and personality traits

Vedic astrology states that there are mainly four universal elements: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. These four elements are the main driving force behind affecting one’s personality. They are also termed as “four basic principles of life.”

In fact, all 12 Zodiac signs depend on these four elements to shape a person’s personality traits and influence their behaviors.

However, the personality traits can still change depending on the effect of constellations on that person. Now, let’s discuss the four elements in details.

Elements of Universe

  1. Fire: Mainly people belonging to Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius show the quality of fire. So, what does the element imply in their lives? Well, fire symbolizes energy, quick responsiveness to certain actions, and impulsiveness.
  2. Air: People with the influence of air shows strength in areas such as intellectuality, thoughtfulness, charm, independence, and etc. However, these people tend to be insensitive flaky and dishonest.
  3. Water: Fire induces positive influences on people and makes them daring, decisive, passionate and bright. However, these people are often unfaithful, prone to anger, and shows sign of vindictiveness.
  4. Earth: Earthy people are very emotional in nature. Besides, they are also trusting, devoted, forgiving, and understanding. However, certain qualities such as mental instability, lack of self-confidence, and etc. make them vulnerable.

The modern astrology states that the elements of the universe are deeply rooted in everyone’s zodiac signs, and hence they shape people’s lives in certain ways and make every individual different from each other.


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