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Past Life Regression – The Journey of your Soul

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During 2nd century BC, a Hindu Scholar by the name of Patanjali was asked by his disciple about the soul being burdened by impressions of thoughts which were part of karma.

Patanjali described this process as prati-prasav (meaning reverse birthing).

It was this process of Past Life Regression which was used to address the problems of past lives through memory during that time.

Prati Prasav is a form of Yoga which is often practiced today.

As per the belief of many religions the soul is eternal and takes various forms, the journey that your soul experiences are sometimes reflected in your current life in the form of fears, phobias, and birthmarks.

The phobias you experience in this life often stem from the fear of past life events or unplanned un-natural events of this life.

These events are directly related to the traumatic experience that one has experienced in their previous life or from the events of this life.

For example, if in your past life you were sentenced to death by being hanged, this traumatic experience will result in the Fear of Authority thus being related to Judgement.

In this life, the phobia of Judgement will be heightened with you being concerned as to what people will think of you.

Fear of public speaking and stage fright are also born of the same fear of being judged.

This experience is inconvenient for your present life and can be a hindrance for your future and your career.

Past Life Regression is a therapy that helps you treat these fears by making you travel through your past life events and finding the root cause of the issue.

Once the root cause is identified, it can be treated by various means

Certified practitioners who practice Past Life Regression are experts in the field of hypnotherapy and it advised to visit only certified practitioners to address the issue of your past life.


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